Digital Forensics Challenge Treasure Hunt - Round 2

The second round of the Digital Forensics Challenge is now available! This challenge, written by Mike Murr of the SANS Digital Forensics Team, requires participants to analyze a graphical image file to answer questions. To participate, click the Question Engine link to the left, register, and make sure you enroll in the Digital Forensics Challenge Treasure Hunt - Round 2 quiz. If you don't close your browser between registering and clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail, it should remember which course you are enrolling in.

On the morning of July 13th at 0900 hours, a young woman was reported missing. The victim's roommate notified law enforcement, stating the victim had gone out to dinner with friends the previous night and had not returned by the following morning. The victim's friends told law enforcement that she had left dinner shortly before midnight. The victim's cellphone was later recovered from a park near where the victim's car was parked. Law enforcement officials have retrieved an image they believe is of the suspect vehicle. Law enforcement is requesting your assistance in answering specific questions.

With your knowledge and skills, the examiner has provided you with an exact copy of the selected image collected from the mobile device. They have asked if you can determine, with reasonable forensic certainty, any details that you can determine from the picture collected from the mobile device. In addition, the law enforcement officer that submitted the case has several questions he wants answered for his report and to increase their general knowledge.

Image to Analyze
SHA1: 35ce238659d02927e8906d04b9067b74084c96f3